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Vineyards, Black & White Grapes, Wines, Grape Harvest, Winery, French Oak, Decanting, Garnacha, Tempranillo…” this has been the music I’ve listened to since I was a little child. I was born in a small vintner village of La Rioja where I learnt to admire and appreciate my parent’s dedication (to wine culture). This is where the origin of UVAS FRESCAS began. My ongoing passion for the wide world of wines has now been put into my line of organic cosmetics, all made from natural grapes. I have always been interested in the benefit grapes have for our health. Scientists are crystal clear; grapes have great antioxidant properties thanks to the Resveratrol compound that combats the ageing process. While discovering what grapes might offer us I got to thinking… the idea was there, it just needed to take shape!

UVAS FRESCAS embodies the essence of Nature. I am totally convinced that natural solutions take good care of us and I will always be loyal to this basic principle. This is where I keep my passion for the world of wine & natural products: it is the essence I want to maintain and transmit with my collection of organic cosmetics made of grapes.


Laura Muga, Founder


Bio Grape, Our Main Ingredient

The organic cosmetics Uvas Frescas bases its formulas on is resveratrol from organically grown grapes. one of the most powerful antioxidants that exists and helps to reduce and delay cellular aging of the skin.

What is natural takes better care of us.

Organic Cultivation

Uvas Frescas is organically certified by CAAE, an association that applies stringent certification requirements in order to guarantee the use of only natural ingredients with strict control over product fabrication.

We don’t use oil derivatives, synthetic fragrances, silicone products, or chemical substances that harm people or the environment.


We respect nature.


Uvas Frescas uses vegetable ingredients from organic crops as active ingredients with zero trace of animal derivatives. Likewise none of our products are tested on animals.

We respect aminals.


Uvas Frescas uses packaging made with controlled logged wood and has a FSC certification which promotes the responsible management of forests.

We take care of the air you breathe.

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